Bernies Sanders and the Importance of the Supreme Court in 2016

Bernies Sanders and the Importance of the Supreme Court in 2016

I would like to take a moment and write about the importance of the 2016 election and why it is imperative Bernie Sanders should warrant your consideration for the presidency.

One of the central issue about this election should be the Citizens United v. FEC (2010) ruling.

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled in Citizens United and declared that for-profit, non-profit, labor unions, and associations (PAC & Super PACS) are protected by the first amendment.  This ruling empowered these entities to funnel money into elections at a rate that mutes the common voter and quite frankly disemboweled the majority of the American people of their voting power.


So what did it do?

To put it simply Citizens United allowed the insertion of limitless spending on elections by corporate entities and the rich elites.  This spending has become crucial and it has made it vital for serious candidates to subsidize their chance of winning by earning the favor of the big money in politics.  As a byproduct the voice of the common American citizen that is essential in a representative form of government has become less influential.  To put it bluntly we as the bottom 99% cannot afford and spend enough to have a majority voice in our own political discourse.

Naturally these entities that have invaded our national discourse are doing so in order to promote their values.  And when it comes to the values of corporations and the rich this equates to furthering their wealth gains at an increase in the wealth gap and a marginalization of the poor and middle classes.  When huge money becomes crucial in politics it allows these entities to buy candidates who are desperate to curry their favor as a necessity to achieve victory in their campaigns.

Just take a look below at the increase of spending by non-disclosing groups in our election process.  Only the candidates receiving this money know the source and what deals were cut to acquire this.  The transparency in our elections has evaporated and money has become the big motivator in American elections at the expense of public sentiment.


So why do you keep hearing about the Koch brothers and their influence in American politics?

This is simple and needs very little explanation just look at the graph below:


If you are a politician you can try and woo the finicky American voter.  Or you can buy your election and be beholden to a rising Oligarchy of the rich American elite who will fund your victory and buy your principles.  Now more than ever our politicians are tied to banks, elite rich entities, and are working against the self-interest of the American people.

So why is Bernie Sanders different?

Bernie’s fight is one for the American people.  His campaign is based on taking the money and the rich out of politics and restoring the voice and power of American workers.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at the difference between Bernie and Hillary below in terms of who funds them.  Bernie won’t take money that buys his voice unless that influence is one towards increasing the power of the American worker:


So what can Bernie do?

The reality is that post Citizens United it will be exceptionally difficult to force legislative change.  Corporations and the elite will fight tooth and nail (Meaning they will outspend us) to keep their influence and to stay the course of directing us on a path to being the world’s largest Oligarchy.  This means that Congress will be difficult to uproot from their current course because the weight of money in the election process is staggering.

That leaves the Supreme Court:


Bernie has stated that he will not appoint any Supreme Court nominee that does not pass a litmus test to overturn the Citizens United ruling.  This means that in a court that is evenly split is absolutely crucial to replace justices who would stand firm against giving corporations and entities the right to free speech and the ability to buy our local and national elections.  This is the quickest path to change and to reverse the people and worker crushing course that has been forced upon us by the initial Citizens United decision.

So what are the chances?

Odds are given the current age and the fact that the current conservative justices have been waiting for Obama’s tenure to end that Bernie would assign one pivotal nominee in the next four years. There have 160 nominations to the Supreme Court in our national history. Of these nominations 7 didn’t want the job. Reducing the number to 153 viable nominations to the Court; John Tyler failed 8 nominations and is taken as a statistical anomaly because of the circumstances of his unfavorable rise to the presidency after the death of Harrison during his tenure in office. That takes the overall number down to 145 viable nominations. Of these 124 have been confirmed; Sanders can send nominee after nominee and he will eventually get one through. But the default rate of nominee appointment (and Citizens United is not a landmark objectionable issue compared to the historical issues of Slavery and Abortion) adjusted for circumstances is 86%.

I will take an 86% chance to save this country I love from Oligarchy any day of the week.  In fact I will fight, campaign, and go door to door to struggle for this change.  I urge you to join me in supporting Bernie Sanders for President in 2016.